McGill Students for World Vision is founded with the mission to help achieve the goals set by World Vision—a humanitarian charity organization dedicated to working with children, families, and communities worldwide. We set out to tackle the causes of poverty and injustice in these communities, and we are determined to improve the lives of all poor children and families regardless of religion, race, ethnicity and gender.

Our key activities include fundraising, advocacy, and education within the McGill community. General meetings will be held on a bi-weekly basis to allow time for active input from club members, providing a chance for students to brainstorm and propose methods and fundraising ideas that complement the goals set by World Vision. In order to promote awareness on campus and student participation in both international and Canadian World Vision programs—such as the well-known 30 hour Famine project, the Justice Network Advocacy Campaigns, and Child Sponsorship program—we will be holding large-scale events such as concerts and intervarsity matches within collaboration with other related campus clubs. Smaller events such as coffee nights and movie nights will also be held in order to raise awareness within the McGill student body.

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