Short Term

  • Continue to Carry on an independent international development project by McGill Students
  • Continue to provide Summer activates for the children (creative workshops and exercise )
  • Expand our connections with other NGOs
  • Further get to know the needs of the community

Long Term

  • Develop and carry out a sustainable project


What We’ve Done So Farbocachica 1

Last summer, McGill Students for World Vision traveled to Boca Chica for 2 weeks in order to work alongside the islanders and Youth with a Mission in several micro projects. We worked with different sectors of the population such as the youth and the elder in several subcategories of poverty alleviation and improvement of living conditions that compose Project Libertad.

  • Medical and Dental
  • Children and Youth
  • Community Construction
  • Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Hosting Teams
  • Sports Ministry
  • Workshops and Seminars

bocachica 10










By doing so, we established a direct link with the community and the ONG permanently working in this island. This has allowed us to know and understand better the needs of locals in order to tackle poverty issues such as poor waste disposal, poor hygiene, and treatment of available water among others.

2016 Projects

  • Construction of pier
  • Support island’s first medical clinic
  • Sustainable solutions for clean water